An umbilical hernia occurs when tissue bulges out through an opening in the muscles in the abdomen near the navel or belly button (umbilicus). About 10% of abdominal hernias are umbilical hernias and find Hernia Surgeon in Ahmedabad.


  • A visible bulge on the abdomen, especially with coughing or straining
  • Pain or pressure at the hernia site.

Treatment Options


  • open hernia repair An incision is made near the site, and the hernia is repaired with mesh or by suturing (sewing) the muscle closed laparoscopic hernia repair The hernia is repaired by mesh or sutures inserted through instruments placed into small incisions in the abdomen


  • Watchful waiting is generally not recommended for adults with an umbilical hernia. You may be able to wait to repair umbilical hernias that are very small, reducible (can be pushed back in), and not uncomfortable. There is a risk of the intestines being squeezed in the hernia pouch and blood supply being cut off (strangulation). If this happens, you will need an immediate operation.