A trans-urethral resection of the prostate (TURP) is an operation to remove the parts of your prostate that are pressing on your urethra, to make it easier for you to pass urine. It involves a surgeon inserting a special tube down your urethra, through which a heated wire loop is passed. This wire loop is used to shave off the overgrown areas of your prostate.

Procedure :

You will be anesthetized so you will not feel any pain. You will then be taken through to the operating theatre. The surgeon will insert a special tube (called a resectoscope) down your urethra, through which a heated wire loop will be passed. This heated loop will be used to shave or chip away the overgrown portion of the prostate. The pieces of the removed prostate will also be looked at under a microscope to check there are no abnormal cells. The operation usually takes about 30–40 minutes. When it is finished, a catheter (thin flexible tube) will be placed into your urethra and saline fluid (saltwater) will be inserted into your bladder via the catheter to flush out any blood clots or prostate tissue that have been removed. This solution will then be drained out of your bladder with your urine, through the catheter.